What are Rosy-Reds? and why do they work so well....

What are Rosy-Reds? and why do they work so well....

  Rosy-reds??? Have you heard of them before... not surprising since the bait shops have been on downslope for last 10-15 years and a lot of the old times shops are the ones that carried this precious fishing bait.  So after we opened someone mentioned Rosy-Reds and how good they are but you can't find them around anymore.  So me remembering how good there were, I got on it and found them for the shop.  The one thing I would say is everything wants to eat them.  I went fishing with them the other day and in one day caught Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Crappie, and Trout... so they have a wide range of predators.  The one thing about the Rosy-reds is that they seem to bring the bigger breeder Trout in. 

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Excerpt from Wikipedia.org-

  The fathead has been very commonly used as a baitfish, and more recently has emerged in the aquarium trade as the rosy-red minnow. This colour morph was discovered in several Arkansas breeding farms in 1985. Both sexes of this strain have a rosy-golden body and fins and may express dark splotches of wild-type fathead coloration, and are sold in pet shops primarily as feeder fish. They can also be used in home aquariums as pets

Often called pink minnows, or rosy reds, these little fish glow with a shiny, almost-fluorescent, reddish-orange hue. 

Excerpt from wikipedia.com

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