Dean Ween and John Bullock

Did anyone say Dean Ween from the Legendary Band Ween

Sometimes you don't know who is going to walk in the shop...  these stories always start out the same... guy came in that looks familiar but can't place him... just thought he was one of the boys...  Anyway, when he walks in, we had great conversation about fishing for Striper fishing and talk about how he Captain a boat and how he was fishing everyday.  then as we got deeper in the conversation, he mentioned him being from the Legendary Band WEEN then I realized it was Dean Ween...   Now I was around in the City Garden error and seen Ween multiple times at that Legendary Venue.  It is truly amazing the people you meet in life....  Thanks for your support Dean and tight lines!!!!

Live at City Gardens - 1990

Live in Chicago - 2003