Restock on Medium and XL Shiners!!!!!

Restock on Medium and XL Shiners!!!!!

We make sure to only work with the best... Anderson Minnows with over 60 years in the business from Central Arkansas produces a robust healthy minnow.  They are the largest Golden Shiner producer in the world with their successful breeding program they can produce up to 1 Billon Minnows a year.  As we continue to grow with our community, and spring is approaching we will be bringing in different size minnows.  

We Now Stock

  • Rosy Reds Mediums
  • Golden Shiners Medium and Xtra Large

Origins of Rosy Reds or Pink Minnow

"The fathead has been very commonly used as a baitfish, and more recently has emerged in the aquarium trade as the rosy-red minnow. This colour morph was discovered in several Arkansas breeding farms in 1985. Both sexes of this strain have a rosy-golden body and fins and may express dark splotches of wild-type fathead coloration and are sold in pet shops primarily as feeder fish. They can also be used in home aquariums as pets." Except from Fathead minnow - Wikipedia