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Real Ishod Linked LTD TT Deck Emerald Green

Real Ishod Linked LTD TT Deck Emerald Green

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Assorted, Colors may vary.

  • 8.5" x 32.2"
  • Twin Tails - Twin Tail decks are completely symmetrical, meaning both front and back kicks are the same size, shape, and angle
  • R1-constructed decks are made using an exclusive technique, producing stronger, longer-lasting, and better-performing skateboard decks. True universal press molds use equal amounts of pressure across the entire surface of each ply, ensuring a centered, consistently even lasting concave, nose and tail angles for better foot control and deck durability.

    Skate-specific non-chromium glue combined with 2 X-bands for strength makes each deck stiff and strong, allowing just enough flex for maximum pop.

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